Our Brick & Mortar

Brunch At Zion’s is black owned space with Caribbean & Mediterranean vibes and the welcoming feeling of the South.
Our restaurant is farm to table, organic based, always serving the community flavorful healthy food, where children 5 years and under eat for free. It’s a space that brings together the best of black culture, along with good music, art, and books, it is a space that brings Black Healing and Joy to life.
One of our goals is to address food insecurity for the working single mom, to allow them to dine with dignity when their paycheck Is not sufficient.
Our space is welcoming and safe.

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We also do a monthly clothing drive to donate clothing
for homeless women.

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Parmesan Cilantro Chicken Kale Salad
Rose Oat Milk Latte
Crab Fritters
artwork3 and seating area at Brunch At Zion's
artwork2 and seating area at Brunch At Zion's

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