Chrystina and Zion
My name is Chrystina Casado, I am a New York based Caribbean and Southern food Chef, artist, Mom, and owner of Brunch at Zion’s.
My son Zion is my biggest inspiration. 
I have firsthand experience with food injustice, spending most of my childhood in a food insecure home in South Florida. School was my main source of food. My other source was when I was lucky enough to go over a friend’s house and their moms would ask me if I would like something to eat. These women were my heroes. I truly don’t think they knew how they saved my life. During 2019 I was diagnosed with stage 3 cancer while I was pregnant with Zion. I was devastated,  as soon as Zion was born I had 2 surgeries to remove the cancer and started Chemotherapy. I was unable to breastfeed. So making sure Zion and I  had all the nutrients needed to heal and grow was key! My lifes mission is leaving my son Zion a legacy of health, community service, generational love, peace and wealth. I want to him to be a healthy adult that doesn’t have to recover from his childhood. Brunch at Zion’s a space that brings together the best of black culture. Combined with farm to table, organic, and clean soul food.
Brunch At Zion’s is not just a restaurant it is a space that BRINGS Black & Brown Healing and Joy to life.